Bose FreeStyle earbuds


headset for mobile use, ear, registration closed, dynamic emitter cable, 1.2 m, 3.5 mm plug

General information (Bose FreeStyle earbuds)
Release date on the market 2014
The purpose for mobile use
Main (Bose FreeStyle earbuds)
Type headset
Design ear
Acoustic design closed
Wireless interface
Dust, moisture, shock
Design features (Bose FreeStyle earbuds)
Mount inside the ear
Foldable design
Cable length 1.15 m
Surround sound
Plug 3.5mm
The shape of the plug direct
Volume control
Support game consoles
Specifications (Bose FreeStyle earbuds)
The type of emitter dynamic
Weight 18 g
Interfaces (Bose FreeStyle earbuds)
Color red, green, blue
Connection cable bilateral
Detachable cable
The active noise cancellation
Wired remote
Trim (Bose FreeStyle earbuds)
The cushions 3 pairs
The USB cable
The adapter 6.3 mm
Adapter 3.5 mm
Adapter for airplane (two connectors 3.5 mm)
The adapter 2x3.5 mm to USB
Extension cable
Headset cable
Twisted cable
Twisted cable
Clip cord
Device for cord winder
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